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Our Bowling FAQs

Q.  Do I have to wear bowling shoes?
A.  Yes.

Q.  Can I make a reservation?
A.  Yes, for a minimum of 90 minutes. Fees may apply and it must be done at least three hours in advance. Reserve Your Lane Here

Q.  How much is it to bowl?
A. Our regular rate ranges from $30-$70/hour per lane depending on the day. Typically Monday thru Thursday the price is $30/hr and Friday thru Sunday it is $70/hr per lane. This can change seasonally and for holidays. There are several specials throughout the week that are available, as well.

Q.  Can I reserve a lane for a special or with a coupon/promotion?
A.  Unfortunately, no. Our reservation system does not allow special reservations. Specials and Promotions are walk-in only.

Q.  Do bumpers cost extra?
No. Our bumper system also allows players on the same lane to choose whether they have bumpers or not per player.

Q.  What is Angry Birds Bowling?
A.  Angry birds bowling is a completely different style of bowling than your regular 10-pin bowling.  In this style of game, your objective is to knock down the pins that are labeled as pigs. Points are awarded for the other pins but as long as all 5 pigs are knocked down, you clear the level.

Q.  What is a VIP Lane?
A.  We have 5 private lanes in our City Lights VIP Room that have additional features that are not available on the main lanes. The Room also features a private bar, private bathrooms, and a lounge area with a pool table.

Q.  Can I reserve a VIP Lane?
A. The main purpose for the VIP Lanes is to book major events. In order to keep this available for these types of events we can only rent the VIP Lanes out separately (1-4 lane reservations) the Wednesday of the week you are trying to book.

Q.  Can I eat at the lanes?
A. We have servers who will take your food and beverage orders directly at your lanes. We ask that you place all orders with your designated Server who will happily assist you throughout your reservation.




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